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    slackware client on a WinXP ICS host

    I know, that usually seems kind of backwards. I'm using satellite internet with direcway and it uses software to connect (which of course is made for windows) so I'm left without much of a choice..
    I've posted at another forum ( for the exact post) and got no luck.. was hoping someone here may be able to help. Anyways..

    It's on slack 9.1, and the host is WindowsXP Pro with ICS enabled and using a switch. I've ran netconfig on the slack client, and tried both dhcp and static. When using static, I made the IP to be or, and the gateway and the netmask and no nameserver.. that's usually as far as I've been able to get.. all of ifconfig looks okay, so I'm just lost as ever!

    Is there anything I am missing at all? getting desperate here.. lol
    Thanks ahead..!

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    ICS with DirecPC and Linux

    Hmmm... I don't know a lot about how Windoze ICS works, but I do believe that if you specify a static IP, that you may be required to tell it what your DNS server is too... I'm currently using ICS on a Windows 200 server and I can connect to the net with all of my clients including my Linux machines... Now I just checked what server is being used for DNS lookup on one of my clients, and it's the same as the gateway which is of course the ICS machine. (Keep in mu=ind that Server does have a true DNS server built in. I'm not sure if XP works the same way... As a final solution I might suggest that (assuming you still have this problem) you put the DNS server that your XP machine has as the DNS server for your Linux box. One final thought, there is a project for running Direcway with a Linux box. You can find it here... I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my list of things to do... Good luck, and please keep me posted if you try/have any luck with the package.

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