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    Talking recommend me a modem!!!

    Hello to all you beautiful people!

    This handsome hunk needs some advice.

    I need a recomendation for a modem. I've been told to get a
    serial modem and recommended a couple but they're all intended for the U.S
    and i live in europe and i'd prefer to buy it here if i could and i dont fancy
    searching around for a suitable power adapter either, so can any eurpoean
    users recommend any?
    i need something that can work with XP and linux Suse 10.0 on
    a dial-up connection


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    All you need to do is buy an external modem that works on the serial port. Buy it locally, and get a cheap one, 'cos they're all the same. External modems rely on the serial port protocols, and cant offload their processing to the system (like you get with an internal 'winmodem'.)

    Modems bought in the US will work in the UK and many other European countries with the appropriate line adaptor (the only real difference is the pinouts on the telephone plug) and, as you said, power supply, but you're right - it's a lot of hassle.
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