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    Tried to ping in shell no luck get connect: Network is unreachable
    tried thru mozilla and get alert The connection was refused when attempting to contact

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    Is your cable modem permanently connected to the net? and ur pc has the ip of your router in the default gateway?
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    Yup dsl permanently hooked to router the router to the comps all can access the web but this one, also IP for gateway set.

    Tried reading a book to gain some ideas and went after it again but now I guess I fubared it worse cause I deactivated the eth0 setup I had and tried to restablish and using the Net Config UI i now cannot get it to see the net....rats...

    Ok here is what I set up I set it to automatically detect ip from the net using DHCP butit returns " Determining IP information for eth0...failed"

    Back to square one, guess I need to stop reading books and try to use compasion and maybe a little Zen either that or a 2x4 up against the ol' monitor...I think I am going to follow around behind the little animals for a while till I get my mood back..../grin

    Ok Mood better got it to see the net again still no web. Oh well, at least it sees the net...I think I'm learning...

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    Well, it is all for naught, the HD took a dive on me and it is officially toast. I guess I'll set it back to windows if I can salvage it and build up a good system for Fedora...any ideas there guys?

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