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    network running two network cards in redhat 9

    eth0 (realtek 8139 using the given 8139too module) is connected to the cable modem using DHCP (which works fine)
    the internet works (which im now using on the machine to post)

    when eth1 (netgear ea201) is activated with static:

    the internet no longer continues working, but now i can ping the internal network

    in order to get the internet to work again, i have to deactivate both cards, and then activate eth0 again

    it is not supposed to do this, correct? i should be able to have both the internet working and be able to ping the internal network simultaneously

    it seems as if eth1 perhaps overrides eth0, not good

    all network configuration has taken place with the gnome tool in redhat... (also accessible
    by /usr/bin/neat)

    any ideas? thanks in advance

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    it looks like your routing table may be screwing up when you activate the second card.

    Can you paste the output of
    /sbin/route  -ve
    after you've activated the second card?


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    yea that's what the problem was - im sorry i didn't update this thread after i received help from caveman in #linuxforum on

    after the second card is activated, the gateway becomes the gateway of the internal network

    simply changing the default gateway back to the gateway of the external ip fixes this

    i forget the complete command... im sure you can find it in the man pages for route:

    route add gw (blah blah)

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