i don't know where to put this question to get my answers for my question.

Please be patience with me..

iam working on RFID Technology and i have basic knowledge on RFID....

there is a parking place in which 100's of vehicles be parked .

iam having a server, which maintains all the vehicle informations ..

My question is when a particular vehicle entered into the parking place .

The "Program" (user has to develop) will identify the vehicle uniquely and retrives the information and properties of the vehicle by using ID.

I Hope , RFID will fix it.

1. Is it possible to write the program in "C" in linux platform
2. will i need to start from micro controller onwards..(means from hard ware part)

how can i develop and where to start to program for this.

Can anybody suggest me a site to collect the required information.

THanx in Advance