I need a way to have a domain so users can login and also do file shares.

#1, the default samba config file, had a lot of stuff in it. I really don't know if I need it all. I have played with various configurations, but when I try to connect my Win XP SP2 machine to it by adding it to the domain as I would have for a Windows server, it doesn't work. So I'm wondering:

1.) Anyone have any good up to date info on properly setting up a samba domain?

2.) Does it work well with Windows? Pain to administrate?

3.) Are file share permissions very limited by the Owner Group World security model, versus ACL's? Thoughts on this?

4.) Do you think that Vista will break samba in an attempt to force Win 2003 server? I was going to go the Win2k3 route, but have taken some time to see if we might try CentOS and samba for a domain server.

Any info and opinions would definitely be appreciated.