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    limited network connection

    Hi all, this is strange .. very strange!

    I have a linux box connected to a router using dhcp.

    I'm only able to access a limited part of the web.
    For instance I can access google and search for pages or news. I can see all google cached pages but I'm not able to follow the links.

    And here it is the interesting bit
    I can ping anything but can't load their web page:
    I can ping but I can't load the page on the browser
    I can ping but I can't load the page on the browser
    ...etc ...etc

    This has nothing to do with firewall ( i've tried to disable it) or problems with the router (other computers (win based) have no troubles accessing the web)

    any idea is very much appreciated

    The system:
    ibm t43
    running FC6 - (had the same problem with FC5)
    wireless connection to the router

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    I've spotted somebody with a similar problem ( and perahps better explained ) here :

    The guy has apparently found a solution that doesn't work for me ( he's changed the mtu value to 1492 )

    He says that it was a problem related to his paricular network card SiS190.

    I'm using a centrino ipw2915 ( same drivers of ipw2200) with the default fc6 drivers and firmware 3.0

    Also, do you think that moving this post to the wireless forum will get more attention ?


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    For those of you who might come accross this post.

    I found the solution here:

    You might try turning off TCP window scaling.
    /sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.tcp_window_scaling=0
    Then retry your stalled connections.
    Thanx again to jcliburn a those who have taken the time to read the post



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