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    Mutt crashes (Segmentation Fault) when called by vgetty

    Hello everyone,

    I hope I chose the correct category...

    I'm trying to set up my Linux box as an answering machine. It uses vgetty for that and when receiving a new message, it calls the script shell I wrote which is using Mutt to send me an e-mail alerting me of the new message. The e-mail contains a link to where I can hear the message.

    Mutt uses esmtp to send e-mail. I lost patience when trying to set up postfix and sendmail to use my ISP's outgoing mail server to send mail and frankly I still don't know the differences between those.

    When I call from the command line, everything goes well. But when vgetty calls, Mutt crashes and do a "Segmentation fault", hence not sending the e-mail.

    The shell script (with some variable values removed) can be seen at <>.

    Any ideas to make it work?

    Thanks in advance!

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    if Mutt is segfaulting, there is a problem with the code of Mutt itself, and should be raised with the developers.

    Do you have a core dump from when Mutt crashed?


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