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    internet sharing problems


    My ISP is delivering internet via the wireless network, therefore I can't use my old router for internet sharing. I have two computers, my laptop with a wlan card and my stationary computer with NO wlan card. Internet is working fine on my laptop, but I would prefer to be using my stationary computer...

    Before I explain my settings I think I should show you how I connected all the things, so that you'll see what the h*** I'm talking about...

    internet > . . . . . < wlan0 | laptop | eth0 >----------------< wan | router | lan >--------------< eth0 | stationary

    Now, this is what I did in my attempt to get internet sharing to work:

    Settings on the laptop (which is running suse 9.2):

    * in the firewall settings I specified my wlan0 card to be the external card, my eth0 to be the internal card, then I enabled the "Forward Traffic and Do Masquerading" checkbox.
    * I reconfigured eth0 to have a static ip address (

    Settings on the router:

    * changed the wan ip address of the router to static (
    * changed the gateway ip address to the address of the eth0 at the laptop (
    * changed the dns ip address to the address supplied by my isp
    * using default router ip address ( for the lan ports of the router

    And the settings on the stationary is simply to use the gateway address

    I also tried to have both the laptop and the stationary connected to the lan ports of the router, like this:

    internet > . . . . . < wlan0 | laptop | eth0 >----------------< lan2 | router | lan1 >--------------< eth0 | stationary

    The differences in settings were:

    laptop: no changes
    router: no changes
    * gateway =
    * DNS = ISP's dns

    Pinging my laptop from my stationary is no problem in any of the setups, but I don't get any internet to the stationary

    Any suggestions on why it doesn't work?

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    So, is there really noone that knows how to set up internet sharing???

    If something in my text is unclear, please tell me and I will explain what I meant.

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    it looks pretty clear ...

    first: you have to configure manually dns for the router.
    second: you must change the router's lan ip to and
    third: for the stationary, if not dhcp from the router, than must have ip 192.168.1.x(x= 2 to 254), netmask:, gateway,
    and dns manually configured


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