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    Cannot access network IPtables!!!

    Hi All,,

    I have a network A [ 192.168.0.x ] and network B [192.168.20.x]

    I have iptable rules setup , As off now if i ping from 20.x network ro 0.x it ping fine. n even able to access machines shares.

    But have problem from 0.x ping to 20.x it says Destination net unreachable.
    Destination net unreachable. or Request timed out.

    Pls sugest me rule to include

    Thanks in advance


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    might want to look at your netmasks, more then likely the systems on one network has a netmask and the other has a netmask. You get a destination unreachable when an IP address does not match a rule in your routing table, you also might want to make sure you have a default route in your table to a gateway server.

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    Hi Frnd

    Thanks for your reply ... yes i looked into my ip conf... everything seems fine..

    Let me make it more clear

    Machine A :- eth0 eth1 default GW

    I have IPtables :-


    With this settings from a LAN machine having GW if i ping My PC it pings fine.

    MY PC - with GW If i ping it says destination unreachable.

    I know my PC GW is different so i get ping failed for 10.x network -- But pls suggest the idea on How do 0.x machines reach 10.x network.

    If possible from iptables pls suggest me a rule.

    Or any other possible solution.

    Thanks for your time

    Best Regards


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