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    Internet Connectivity DSN Issue

    Hey all! im having trouble establishing a domain connection to the net, here's the deal:

    - I'm running Redhat Fedora Core Release 1
    - i can ping computers on the local network, and ping websites at their ip addresses, not domain names

    whenever i try to connect to anything non-ip in mozilla, even 'localhost', i get: '... could not be found. please check the name and try again.'

    these symptoms lead me to believe there is a dns problem.

    my /etc/resolv.conf file is set to the following DNS ip addresses, which my ISP provided me:

    My network is set to get all settings, including DNS via DHCP from my router,

    I would appreciate help! thanks

    - Ross

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    Do those DNS servers work for other computers? Is there anything else in your resolv.conf? If you can, try some different DNS servers...and post the whole resolv.conf if that's not it...
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    I would set the dns server address on the router to point to the ones given to you by your isp.

    Then enable the caching / forwarding dns server on the router.
    set the dns server address on your pc to the routers ip. or get auto DHCP
    set the gateway address on your pc to the routers ip. or get auto DHCP

    That should work.

    The problem is likely to be that the name resolution packets are not being routed - for some reason. Is the gateway address on your pc set to the router's ip?
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    You have said that you set the DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf but you also say that you are getting your DNS from DHCP I guess that this could be causing the problems. Do you also filter outgoing packets?

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