does anyone know an application for windows or linux that tests your ADSL line and tells you in what mode its running? Wheather its in 'Fastpath' OR 'Interleave(Noise Profile)'
I've bin searching the net for ages!!! trying to find some type of app that does this but so far ive bin unsuccessful. I found modems that display this info but unfortunatlly i doont have any of them. The one that i DO have (SpeedTouch 330 USB) i cant get it to run a diagnostics test due to the app(Dr.SpeedTouch). It cant connect to the net(altough i am connected to the net)........ I've disabled my firewall, disabled ALL of my security, allowed the access through my firewall but it still cant reach the net for some reason. I cant think of anything else that could be blocking it...... I posted a thread on Bulldogs forums about this issue but havent gotten a reply yet.http://3fxmedia.com/bulldogtest/foru...?25.1789.#1789

I've got a Belkin ADSL2+ Modem With High Speed Mode Wireless-G Router F5D7633-4. Some info that i found on the net says that the info i am trying to find gets displayed on my routers front page BUT not to me. Theres also another way of doing it with telnet; (telnet in cmd) being my gateway/routers IP but that gives me an output of:
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: C
onnect failed.
I've got idea why its giving me this.

Im running out of options, dont know what else to do.
Can someone help me whith this?

I know i can get this info about my line(Fastpath OR Interleave) from my ISP but at the moment im having a bit of a fight with them so i just need some proof.....and then i could 'move on with them'. Also it would be nice to find a way to do this just for future referance.

So if anyone could help me id REALLY apreciate it!!!!!
Thanks alot!