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    BT broard band USB modem and linux as a router

    Hi all.

    I've just ordered BT Broad Band with a FREE usb modem. ( I was to cheap to pay for a descent router

    Would it be possible to get a pentium 1 class machine running linux to act as a router/internet gatway to a 5 machine 98/XP LAN. ( It doesnt need to do alot else ). I needs to be fairly simple to set up. Don't know alot about BB and routing

    Can't afford a router/hub/wireless box at the moment but I have various small machines and a couple of copies of red had kicking about.
    (Versions 5.1 and 6.2)

    Rob at rob bots

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    Yes this can be done the best thing is to download somehting like ipcop or smoothwall have a look at this you will need 2 nic's in that box though

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    6.2 would be ok then.

    Would Red hat 6.2 on a P1 233mhz be able to handle network dhcp etc, do the routing ?
    Would I need Xfree on it or could it all be done from the command line ?

    Last and not least. The Adsl modem is usb. I assume it would look like a standard nic to the system when its installed and be treated as the wan side of the router ?


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    Any linux distro would do but ipcop is designed specifically for the job of a hardware router. And you can configure it from your normal pc as it has a web based interface. and yes as long as ipcop or whatever distro you choose supports usb then it should be fine.

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    Cheers for the advice

    Thanks very much for the advice.

    Time to start playing

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    no probs

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    adsl modems

    I have had zero success finding support for the Intel USB modem that BT have been shipping in my area.

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