my friend has a sattelite net connection that is a gigabit line want to build a micro atx system to share the connection, BUT he wants his main system to get most of the speed and the others to just leech off of it, we want to set it up where his system gets a gigabit line and the other 3 just get a regular cat 5, ive done some looking and gigabit routers are way too much $$$ and i have enough parts to build a micro atx box, but what distro would best suit this set up? and what manufacturers of gigabit cards work with linux? we dont want to net work them, just share the net connection, the way we would like to set it up is have the gigabit line going into the matx, then a gigabit line going into the main system next to it, then have one cat 5 line (probably going to need a good 400 feet) because we all live in seperate houses on the same property, and the 1 cat 5 line going to the secondary house going into a 5 port router and then from that router going into 2 xp boxes and 1 mac, would i be able to set it up that way? Or would i have to have 3 cat 5's coming from the matx? Thanks