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    Question Remote DVD Burning

    Hey all! I've got a good one for you guys.

    All right, so I have two boxes both running Ubuntu. One, the client, is on (or rather, will be on) 6.10 and the other, the network file server, is on 6.06.1 Server.

    Here's my issue. I have a whole bunch of files on the file server (no surprise there) that need to be burned to DVD. The DVD burner is in the file server, but the server has no X or GUI to save on the little overhead it has left. Because of this, I'd like the client to control the burn.

    Is there some sort of way to control it over the network, as in through something like K3B?

    I've come up with a couple ideas that may or not may not work:

    1) Copy the files manually to the client and burn them from there (would probably take too long)
    2) Burn on the client from a NFS share (may not be fast enough to keep up)
    3) Burn on the server and use command line tools (I'd rather not, and I couldn't find some sort of curses-style program to do it either)
    4) Mount DVD-R with Network Block Device and burn as if it were locally (Is this even possible?)
    5) Give up, install X and use VNC

    I'm most interested in somehow using Network Block Device to be able to do it, although I don't know if it is feasible. Has anyone here had experience with NBD?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    My suggestion would be using raw cdrecord from the command line in the server, you need to create an ISO image and then burn it
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