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    Can See Router But Not Lan Or Internet

    I am running Icepack Linux 2.75.
    I also have a LAN:
    Belkin F5D6231-4 802.11b Wireless Router with WLAN and 4 wired ports
    1 PC wired
    1 PC wireless
    Cable modem
    dhcp assigned I.P. Addresses

    I want to hard-wire my Linux Box to the network as well.
    Linux can see my router. I can go to the i.p. address and edit my router settings from Linux.
    However my router does not show the Linux box in the dhcp client list and I cannot see my other PCs or get to the internet.
    I have tried both static and non-static I.P. address on Linux

    What do I need to configure in order for my Linux box to be a part of the network?

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    router i.p. not set as default gateway ?

    It's possible that this is as simple a matter as your router not being set as the default gateway i.p. address.

    Try running (you may have to be logged into a shell as root. i.e. use the su - root
    command in a shell first, then enter the following command): route add default gw

    WHERE is your router's IP# Change to suit your circumstance.

    man route will display a manual page for this route command.

    You should now be able to browse the internet at will.

    Rick D.

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    Can See Router But Not Lan Or Internet

    Got this reply on another forum:

    did you set up your resolv.conf properly?
    There has to be 'nameserver'.
    Replace by your Routers/Gateways/DNS IP.
    This in most cases will do ... You also could try typing 'route add standard gw eth0' (Also replace Router ip and device name by yours)

    So I edited my resolv.conf and added the line:
    (I changed the IP Address to my router's)

    This allowed me to start accessing the internet.
    I still have not tried accessing the network but will soon. More questions will follow.
    Thank you!


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