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    Arrow Remotely managing Windows box from Linux

    Hello forum. Well, I'm in some kind of situation here. See, I've got a small network at home, just two computers - my brother's XP box and my Linux box hooked together with a 2Wire 2700HG HomePortal ADSL Modem/Router, easy setup, only there's no way to limit incoming/outgoing traffic from it. And since my brother hogs the whole bandwidth either watching videos or doing some other completely stupid stuff, I just got tired of paying the whole bill for *HIS* internet (ab)use and me getting low xfer rates since my job requires a full internet connection - web developer.

    While redirecting, say, in his hosts file to the loopback will work, I know he opens programs that hog a ton of bandwidth (ahem, P2P) even if he's firewalled, so I thought about cmdline tools to monitor his processes and terminate them the moment they start running since I've got my own admin account on his box. I know PStools (win) does this from another windows box, but I am resilient to install it on mine because, well... it's windows after all. So basically what I'm looking for here are a set of command line tools that will let me manage processes on his box much like the "r" tools in Linux (rsh, rlogin, etc). Like I could go
    rsh -l me hisxpbox kill bandwidthhogprocess
    Yeah, I could use the RDC client in Linux, but I want this to be more silent, stop him on his tracks while he ends up wondering what's wrong (he's not a tech person too), while eventually, denying local execution of the offending processes via my admin account.

    I could get a nicer router too, but I'd like to pass on spending on more hardware, and since we're only two on the network, I simply see no point in the acquisition of new hardware.

    Care to give it a try?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Implement a proxy on your linux box (squid), configure port forwading of port 80 on router to your squid port(3128,8080). Rein in the bandwidth using delay pools.

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    Thumbs up Yesss!

    Works like a CHARM! Thanks a zillion man, I deeply appreciate it. Not only his bandwidth consumption dropped dramatically, but I get to tinker his settings to even allow/disallow stuff. Thanks again!

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