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    Setting up my server as router, how?

    I have a server with ubuntu and two ethernet controllers.

    I new to linux so what im asking for is a little howto guide, so that i can connect the server into a switch?

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    You will have to look into iptables and iptables rules. By setting the rules you tell iptables what and how to transfer packets from one network card to another.
    A place to start looking for information

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    thank you.

    but i dont understand so much of it

    so if anybody with some knowledge would tell me exactly what commands to use that would be nice


    2 eth controllers
    the first eth is connected to internett and the second one into a switch. i dont need a firewall, have software for that(not so good, but good enough)

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    U only need to enable forwading on the Ubuntu server.

    #echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

    For your own personal safety i would suggest you take a look at iptables seriously and get a frontend like shorewall that will ease rule configuration.

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    Now i have opened the file ip_forward and changed 0 with #echo 1

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    I have my computer connected to the server, and the server is connected to the internett, what configurations do i use on my server/computer.

    Recive IP automaticly? DNS ?

    im so noob on this network stuff, hope someone can help with this issue to

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    Although my computer isn't a server. Firestarter works great for me. Firestarter includes DHCP and NAT. It has a GUI setup wizard that makes it easy to setup. All you really have to do is figure out which interface is on the internet and input that. Then just assign an IP to the server and the computers then set the default gateway of the other computers to be the server. If you don't really care what the IP of your computers on the network then use DHCP.

    In fact, DHCP can solve some of your problems. First, configure your internet connection. Hook up your server to the internet. Activate internet connection sharing and the DHCP server. Then set up which interface is where. Finally you can connect any computer to the network then tell it to use DHCP (default). After that, your computer gets all the information it needs from the server you set up.

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