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    Question nfs Permission Denied

    guys i've been suffering from this freaking "Permission Denied" error from days, and no solution seems to work. I extensively searched the net and have gone through almost all the forum reps i could find but

    here are my configs

    My nfs server is Roh-06[]
    it shares two volumes, below is my /etc/exports
    and below is my hosts.allow file
    hosts.deny is ALL:ALL

    now when i try to mount /home/lamcluster/common from any root/non-root user I get a "permission denied" error

    however [and strangely] if i mount /root/demos from any root/non-root user, it works fine

    I don't if it matters but i even tried keeping the same usernane/userids on client and server machines and also note that firewall is turned off

    I wish anybody can help me in this regard, plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    I know this is really basic but it still catches me occasionally...
    Have you ensured that your UID numbers match between systems? (i.e. jkennedy has a UID of 1000 on both servers.)

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    And does the server have any local port-blocking firewall turned on?
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    as i told earlier, userid is same on both [501]

    and the firewall is turned off on both PCs

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    If you temporarily remove the ALL:ALL from /etc/hosts.deny does it work then? Or if you put 'ALL:' in /etc/hosts.allow?
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    i'll try this though i'm not pretty confident about it. The thing bothering me is that i'm able to mount the /root/demos folder from any root/non-root user on client [which has same options as u can see in my 1st post]. So i guess its some permission problem with /home/lamcluster/common [lamcluster is username and i've tried setting the permission for the folder to 777 but it didn't work]

    however i'll try ur suggestion

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