I have successfully loaded yellow dog 4.1 linux onto my mac.

I have put my modem cable in the back of the internal modem, which registers on yellow dog as eth0, ethernet connection.

Is ethernet a modem? Can you connect to the web with it.

I have configured network connections with the isp and freephone number, then it asks me for the location of my modem. It gives options for /dev/modem and then a load of other options such as /dev/ttys01..../dev/usb0, etc etc. How can I locate the internal modem.

Is it possible to configure a G3 internal modem for yellow dog and get on the web with it?

I've tried loads of different locations, but it cannot find the internal modem.

I have seen a usb modem that you can connect to an apple, from the apple shop, would this be a better option?

Any ideas ladies and gentlemen?

many thanks