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    dhcp and switch-port mapping

    is it possible to configure a dhcp daemon (ISC) to assign static IP addresses to machines based on what switch port they're plugged into?

    so, no matter what machine gets plugged into portX, the IP at portX is always the same

    e.g. switch1 has 26 ports... machineM plugs into portX.. the switch has an internal "self" MAC address for portX, and a "learned" MAC address that it gets from machineM

    machineM sends the DHCPDISCOVER packet broadcast through portX, and machineD (dhcp server) looks up the "self" MAC address (the one for switch1portX) and offers a statically assigned IP

    thanks in advance for any help

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    never mind apparently a few machines over a couple of floors are behind hubs and it would easily become quite hairy...

    does anyone have any advice on accomplishing something like this though?

    having the same IP assigned to a specific port, or the same 4 ip's going to say a 4port hub connected through a 24port switch

    taking into account that machines at these ports change moderately often

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