Hi All, having a bit of trouble with wireless networking under Linux.
I'm fairly new to Linux only having messed round with it a few times before but now wanting to get into it full time.

I'm using ndiswrapper 1.37, distro is Fedora Core 6, Kernel is 2.6.19-1.2895.fc6 and the wireless card is a netgear WG311v3.

After spending several days trying to get it all going i managed to get it all up and running then restarted and now it will see the connection using the command iwlist wlan0 scan but i can't connect to it using NetworkManager.

From the time I installed ndiswrapper i haven't done any updates either so i'm pretty sure that isn't the case, also in order to connect the first time i had to disable the encryption on the access point.

I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me and if you need any extra info bout my system just ask and i'll provide it. Thanks in advance