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    HELP - Remote Network Administration

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with the following setup:

    I want to be able to control my networks in different locations from one primary place. I want to have computers connected to a router and have absolutely no internet access. I want a default homepage provided by the network to show up and ask the user to request to be activated. Once they request a connection (by submitting a form), I want that request re-routed to a main computer in my remote location and have my computer allow internet access at that location. Is this possible to do? If anyone has any knowledge, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    you probably want to take a look at this project.

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    What I want is close to an automated internet cafe:

    A user can come in with their laptop and plugin the network cable into their machine. Any site site they try to access, they will always be returned to 1 main site -- my site. They click to activate internet access to their machine. My machine at home gets a request that a person at a site is trying to go online and will activate the connection to that computer.


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    its definately possible.

    I woudl use a proxy server like squid.

    Then you need to set up something so that all first session requests are sent to a specific page.

    then php code that page to open the internet connection wait for it to open then send them to the page they want.

    on windows RedRock NetNow will do this.

    Let me know how you get on coz this sounds interesting.

    I don't know anything about squid but if you need help with the php then I can do that.
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    OpenBSD's packet filter (pf) would probally help out significantly in a setup such as this.

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