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Thread: ssh ip address

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    ssh ip address

    Hi all,

    I think this should be an FAQ but could not find a right keyword to google ...

    I'm using a wireless router and I have two computers sharing the network, mine on linux and another not. Now I can ssh using the inet address from other computer. But I cannot ssh from outside. Say the ip address is, and inet address, how should I use ssh from outside? ssh doesn't work ...


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    In the router, you need to forward the ssh port (22 by default) to your Linux machine's address. Then from the outside, you can ssh to your router's external address, and the router will pass it on to your Linux box.
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    Don't forget to harden your system you want to access from the inet. There are a lot of scriptkiddies who execute portscans for port 22 and try to log in !
    One change I made on my system reduced the number of illegal ssh requests form the inet by 99%: Usage of another port than port 22 in my sshd config
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    Thanks all, it works. And I will try to use port 1xxxx, .

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