pvm> add pc196s
add pc196s
msc501@pc196s's password:
8msc501@pc196s's password:
msc501@pc196s's password:
0 successful
pc196s Can't start pvmd

Checking $PVM_ROOT on Host "pc196s"...
msc501@pc196s's password:

The value of the $PVM_ROOT environment
variable on pc196s is invalid ("").
Use the absolute path to the pvm3/ directory.

I've got following explanation but I can't work out what to do.

All the Linux computers have a ssh server running, so PVM can use ssh when

adding computers to the cluster. Unfortunately, by default PVM tries to execute the command

$PVM_ROOT/lib/pvmd without launching a shell. This requires sshd to know the

value for $PVM_ROOT which is normally only set by bash when you log into

a shell.

So to get everything to work, I used a wrapper script around ssh to set replace

PVM_ROOT with the correct path before calling ssh. This will only work if PVM

is installed in a fixed location on all machines, e.g. your user area. The

script I used is listed below. djh123 needs to be replaced with your username


# Execute remote ssh pvmd with correct linux path


args=`echo $2 | sed s/"\\$PVM_ROOT"/"\/usr\/djh123\/pvm3"/g`

exec /usr/bin/ssh $computer "$args"