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    Question DHCP server questions on Ubuntu/Linksys

    Here is the scenario.. let me know if you can help.

    Setup involved:

    Ubuntu Box > Linksys WRT54GL > Thin Clients

    I have a Linux box that is on Ubuntu. The DHCP server is turned ON on the Ubuntu box since I run thin client solutions from a Linksys WRT54GL router. Because of the way the thin client setup is programmed, I have to have the DHCP server turned OFF on the Linksys router. Now.. the Linux box is programmed with an IP of, WRT54GL is set to and the thin clients connect via DHCP per the IP block of I also have Windows boxes connected to the same Linksys router. Because the DHCP server is turned OFF on the Linksys, and ON on the Linux box, when the Windows computers attempt to get IP address settings via DHCP, the Windows boxes think that the Linux box is the gateway address (, and therefore cannot connect to the internet.

    As far as my question goes.. rather than have a second router thrown into the loop that has DHCP turned on, is there any way to make this work so the Windows computers gather the DHCP settings and use the (Linksys) as the gateway? My thoughts on some ways to do this are rules based on:

    1. MAC address of the Windows computers
    2. Based on network ID card (eth0)
    3. Based on OS type (thin client versus Windows OS)

    Any help would be appreciated. You can reply here (Im subscribed). Thanks in advance.

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    edit your dhcpd.conf file and under the scope add

    option routers;

    Save the file and restart dhcpd

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    Unfortunately I am pretty sure I need that to stay at so the LTSP thin clients know where to get their DHCP address (handed out by the Linux box). I'll give it a try tomorrow and post the results. If anyone has any other ideas to try in the meantime, please reply. Thank you so far WizRd.

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    Tested and works. Forgot my LTSP clients were hard programmed to get the DHCP address from the server. So easy it hurts. Thanks.

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