HI all,

I do not normally like to pester people without searching heavily in google, linuxforums and other similar sites, so I apologise if this has already been answered somewhere else and I have missed it. Right, to the problem at hand.

What I have is this: A single server that we will call "server" and three clients that we will call "client1", "client2" and "client3". The "server" has a fixed IP address (it does not matter what the address is, so we will pick and the three "clients" will have no IP address assigned until they connect to the network. When the "clients" connect, they will be sent an IP address from the DHCP service residing on the "server". The DHCP service on "server" then updates the DNS (also residing on "server") so that the names of the "clients" are available as a DNS lookup. This all works, and works well. The one thing that I am struggling with is this... how do I place a static entry in to the DNS when the DHCP service starts? The IP address of the "server" is, but I cannot hard code this into any of the zone files because the DHCP service over-writes them, I cannot use the $INCLUDE option in the zone files, because again, the DHCP service overwrites them, I cannot use the "fixed-address" option under "host" in the dhcpd.conf because the IP address is already assigned and is not subsequently requested as the network is already up and running dhclient eth0 on the "server" does not work in that it does not update the DNS. It returns an NXDOMAIN when running dig / nslookup. I figure that assuming that what I am trying to do is actually possible, it would have to be an option in the dhcpd.conf, but what that would be, I have no idea.

And before you ask, sorry, I do not have my named.conf, dhcpd.conf, etc files with me, though rest assured that the rest of the dynamic DNS works beautifully.

Many thanks for your help in anticipation,