I am using a Cobalt RAQ4 server:
Cobalt Linux release 6.0 (Shinkansen)
Kernel 2.2.16C37_III on an i586

I sell French used books on the Internet.
The software I use is Actinic V7 on WinXP.

When I upload modifications or additions to my site, I recently began to receive this message.

Actinic received a network error while merging files on the server. Try again later and contact your network administrator if the problem persists. The operation timed out.

My site is getting massive . Now, some files takes time to merge.
With the Linux command Top , I can see that, if the merging script takes more than 20-25 seconds, I get the error message. Less than that, everything is fine.
My question : where can I set a longer timeout so the merging could execute.
Thank you !