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    Loss connection to router, not to others connected to router

    #1 - I have a DLINK EBR-2310 running on

    #2 - I have a machine running FC4 that is connected to a switch. The switch is connected to a DLINK EBR-2310. IP:

    #3 - I have another machine WinXP connected directly to the DLINK router. IP:

    #4 - I have another machine Win98 connected to the same switch as #1. IP:

    Here is the issue:

    My FC4 box (#2) will out of no where, will lose its connection/route to the DLINK router. It cannot ping the the DLINK router (#1). However, it can ping #2, who is directly connected to it the DLINK router. And at the same time, #4, who is connected the same way as #2 can ping the DLINK router (#1).

    This makes no sense to me what so ever. The only machine on my entire network that seems to lose a connection to the DLINK router is my FC4 box. I'm sure that there are no IP conflicts because I know no other machine is using

    The onlyway I can get the FC4 box to ping the DLINK router is by rebooting the router. Thats it.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

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    Did you check your /var/log/messages for connection failure messages?
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