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    Here are the results and it's not looking good (I think) :

    1) ping
    From icmp_seq=30 Destination Host Unreachable
    ... (continously)

    2) arp
    Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface (incomplete) eth0

    The layout always shifts :
    HWaddress (incomplete)
    Flags Mask
    Iface eth0

    3) telnet 80
    telnet: connect to address No route to host

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    That's weird

    Other causes of your problem which come in my mind:

    Might be your router is misconfigured (are you 100% sure it's using or your router is even broken. If the router was used already before by somebody else it might have another IP address than Press the reset button to get the initial state of the router and the IP address mentioned in the doc (

    Might be your cable between eth0 and the router is broken or you use a crosslink cable instead of a normal cat cable. Use another standard cat cable.
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    It's very weird. If the NIC is connected or not I get the same error messages.

    I tried this morning with a new network cable ... same result.
    Yesterday I reseted the modem like the manual said and I also checked the manual on the adress of the router. They claim it's

    Perhaps it's broken ? Is it important to know that the router has 4 fixed lines (L1-L4) and one wireless connection ?

    I gonna let the router be checked this week in the shop where I bought it !

    Many thanks and I keep you informed !

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    I checked out the hardware :

    * Cable OK
    * Router OK

    Hardware is all right (I was able to do everything right away with an windows machine using the same cable and router).

    I gonna check the driver this week !

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