This is my first post here and before I go any further I'd like to just say that I hate Windows/Microsuck and wish I could borrow Dorothy's ruby slippers (not that I'm like that or anything) and somehow tap them together and reclaim a sizable percentage of my life that it has consumed, trading the time to learn Linux as 'm only a novice Linux user.

Having that said, I'm gaining an interest in networking (hobby) and am trying to set up a home network with a box loaded with IPCop as a hardware firewall; I'm almost positive I do not have all the goodies to do it successfully. It's 12am or so now and unfortunately I can't go out and get what I think I need at this hour...

Here is what I have on hand:

1 x Cable Modem

1 x NR041 Linksys Router (1 WAN w/4-Port LAN [1 x Port Uplink])

1 x Firewall Box Loaded with IPCop (1.4.9 + Copfilter) w/ 1 eth NIC

1 x Desktop Box w/eth NIC

1 x Clevo Notebook w/eth NIC

(I don't believe in a wireless home network [4 the moment])...

My primary question to those who may be able to answer this is .... I need another NIC card in my IPCop box, right?

Could use a switch instead?

(probably obvious) Is there any way to configure the IPCop Firewalled network with what I have?

(switching now from coffee to beer)