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    Anyone use WarLinux ?

    Since most of the decent tools for legit wifi network site surveys are linux based, I thought I'd try a new distro made for legit work.

    So that's how I can to warlinux as a option. I rather than install a bunch of app on top of my little SuSE :>, I thought I'd try a distro just for wifi networking surveys etc...

    Anyway I down loaded it and the file extention is .iso but my system shows it as a winrar file and I'm able to decompress it. So it appears it's not one ISO file, but it's a whole directory structure and files system with no instructions to make a bootable CD. I know how to do this from true iso file (RH or Mandradke etc...) but not this distro.

    Any current or ex-warlinux people out there? If so how do I make a bootable CD out of it? What I see from root level is dir of bin/etc/lib/proc/tmp/var/dev/isolinux/mnt/sbin/usr and two files called and image.gz

    I download it from so I assume version 5 is current, as best I could tell but the last update was in 2002. Did any bootable CD distro take over that part of the market that is more current?

    The goal is to be able to run site surveys from more than just my laptop and with decent tool(s) that are not way way out of date.

    Ideas? Suggestions?

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    i tried it out

    the warlinux .iso file you have should be written to a cd, i used nero. it makes a bootable disk (cd) that you can just pop in and run with out installing it (you have to reboot with the cd in the drive, and it will boot the cd and runn warlinux).
    i personally didnt like it to much, as there was no x shell, i mean im just as good at the prompt as i am with x, but its just faster to use x to get stuff done, and its much easier to moniter multiple progs with x. any ways, phlac is nice for wifi network testing i hear and it is also avalible in a bootable cd that does not need to be installed to run, it will run right from the cd on boot, just like warlinux. theres also another one that i came across that will boot run from cd but i forget it's name.

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