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Thread: IRC Bouncing

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    IRC Bouncing

    I recently bought a shell account and installed psyBNC on it so that I could bounce on an IRC network in order to make my own custom vhost to whatever I want on that IRC network. I got everything installed and set up and configured, and I can connect to psyBNC on my shell server via my IRC client (KVIrc). But when I set my vhost and connect to a server on a network, my vhost doesn't show and MY IP address shows publicly, not the IP of the shell server I am connecting through. Is there something wrong maybe in my psybnc.conf file? If it matters, I also have Tor running at all times. so KVIrc is configured to connect via Tor, and I had proxies #defined in my config.h file before I "make"d psyBNC.

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    Actually it now displays the Tor IP. Now I just need it to get to display the vhost I want. Any suggestions? I got this far

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    Okay, new issue: I can successfully connect to a server on a network, and my IP shows as one of Tor's IPs. But after I identify myself on the network and do /quote bvhost SentralOrigin@Sentral.Origin, my IP reverts back to the shell server IP address. How come this is not working? Instead of changing to the vhost, it changes back to the shell server IP address!


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