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    Fedore core 1 networking Problem

    Hi to everyone!
    I've just installed Fedora Core 1 , everything seems to work properly but I couldn't set up the network configuration. I have a router (ericsson hm220d with DHCP activated , 10mbps halfmode), but with the wizard configiguration of the ethernet (with dhcp activated),I can't activate my eth0. I tried using both mii-tool and ethtool from shell ( ethtool -s eth0 10 mbps and half duplex)...but it doesn't work....
    sorry for my english and for my bad linux knowledge(I'm just a newbie)!

    thanks a lot!!!

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    I had a problem getting my eth up in Fedora Core 1 as well. It was something to do with the DNS like, I can't remember exactly, but I know it was the only thing to do with DNS in the gui config. I'll look when I get home. Maybe that'll help for now.

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    my problem is sth. like that
    my card is National Semi. Corp DP838151816 10/100 PCI Adapter and I can't activate it in Fedora Core 1

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    google for the name of the module that your network card uses in linux, then do modprobe (modulename) then lsmod to make sure it was loaded, then ifconfig to configure networking or whichever networking thing fedora comes with.

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