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    File transfer question!

    I have a web hotel, and on my web hotel i got a PHP script that needs a MySQL database thats on a debian server.

    I want the file to be synchronised every minute, how can i send the database to the web hotel without using FTP(reason: My web hotel provider only gives me 1 ftp account, and if the Debian server needs to login every minute the FTP will be blocked!)if its not possible to send the database to the server without FTP, can i somehow make the web-hotel download it from the Debian server?

    Really need help with this one

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    What is a "web hotel"?

    This is the problem as I understand it: You have two boxes that need to have synchronized instances of mysql running on them. (Correct or not?)

    Two options that come to mind are:

    1. Decide on a box that will run mysql, and point the other box to it. You'll need to carefully secure the connection with mysql configuration directives and iptables.

    2. If mysql supports db replication, utilize it between the two boxes.

    IMO, neither of these can be easily described on a message board thread (in that there is a lot of work involved).

    Some additional things to consider:
    • Once your database grows to a non-trivial size, running a cronjob each minute will turn into a disaster; the previous copy will not have had time to finish and they'll start to queue up (or worse, step on one another).
    • If there is any sensitive data in your database tables, you definitely don't want to be using any plain text file transfer - that includes ftp.

    Good luck.

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    Web hotel is a service you buy f.ex 1GB ftp server conneced to a domain name...

    The database wount grow bigger than mabye 4 MBĘs


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