I am new to linux worl and I am really fascinated with all this linux security fever. I am looking for a posible best solution to set up a small home network environment
This is what I have.
2 p4 machines
1 monitor
1 Netgear VPN firewall with 4 ports with
1 cable modem for internet access

I would like to install Centos4.2 on one of the machines which will act as my DB server.
Why CentOS4.2? b/c sofar I have read that oracle9i works well there and is easily installed in CentOS4.2.

Could any body give me an idea of how to set up and configure my home network such that I won't compromise security?
Do I need a second network card for the sever mashine? If yes how will I configure that to my network?
How will I set up the network using only one monitor? Should I manually plog the monitor to each machine first and make the installation?
What free tools are out there to use one monitor and connect to the other and do an installation there?
What are the best version of Linux to use in such a situation?
what extra hard ware I might consider of buying?
Where could I have a very good hot to build a home network tutorial?

Please I'm sorry for asking many questions but I think others will also benefit from this discussion as well.
Thank you all.