After looking around a bit at the Linux distros in the wild, I decided to rebuild my utility server at home with Arch Linux. After loosing about 16 hours of my life that I will never get back, I am about ready to scream Uncle and restore the old, but stable, FC4 that was on it before starting this move to Arch. (While I originally thought this was an Arch problem, further testing has shown it to hit almost any new disto).

The problem that I am having is that upon boot up, the machine would lock when trying to start the network services. With a little bit of sleuthing in single user mode, I discovered that I could start the network as long as I did not bring up eth0 automatically. But upon tring to start eth0 using "/etc/rc.d/networking ifup eth0", the machine would lock. It will also lock if I issue the command "ifconfig eth0 addresss netmask broadcast". The machine would similarly lock if I tried to start the interface using dhcpd.

Thinking that it may have been a problem with the Linksys tulip based NIC that I was using, I replace it with one based on the Intel eepro100 chipset. Same results -lockup on ifconfig ...

I tried running the ifconfig under strace to see if that gave any insight into the process. The only additional information that I garned was that the lock up occure during an ioct call. I couldn't even see the full line of strace output because the screen locked before strace could finish the display.

My initial install was run from a 0.7.2 cd. I have tried performing installs with 0.7.1 and 0.8.2 beta with the same results. I even tried to do an ftp install from 0.7.2. I was able to get the network started when doing this and download the full base package from the Internet.

I have dug out my collection of live cd's and have discovered that other new distros based upon current kernels using udev appear to have problems also with this machine. Some of them are KNOPPIX, UBUNTU and FC6. I was able to install Xandros 3.02 on it and it had an updated copy of Fedora Core 4 on it prior to my failed experimentation.

The machine is a home built using an MSI KT4V motherboard with an AMD 1500+ CPU.

Any and all help will be appreciated I have exhausted all of the Linux troubleshooting skills that I have developed over the last 9 years. My gut is telling me that this is fallout of udev and/or kernel changes that have occurred from the time of FC4 until now; however, I cannot prove that. The only thing that I can prove right now is that the machine locks when making an ioctl call.

Thanks in advance for your help!!