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    ssh port problem--Solved

    I'm sure that I've overlooked something or done something silly, but whenever I try to connect ssh with a different port (specified in sshd_config) than the standard port 22, the terminal I'm trying to connect with just hangs.

    On the command:
    ssh -p 3497 user@

    I get no response.

    I can connect when I leave it (in both sshd_config and on the terminal) at the default port, port 22, but with no other port, apparently.

    Also, I scanned through /etc/services to see which ones may be in use elsewhere.
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    I have two sshd on my firewall. One listens on port 22 to the internal network, one listens to port x to the outside. The only thing I changed was to create a second sshd_config which mainly has a different 'Port x' line. I expect that's what you did. Is there any FW in between the systems which passes port 22 but not port x?
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    Are you firewalled? Maybe port 22 is open, and the others aren't. Did you restart sshd after making the changes (sorry, have to ask )

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    Aha! I didn't open the port I was using on the firewall.

    That was it. I knew it was something I had just overlooked.


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