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    connecting to windows vpn

    can anybody tell me how I can connect to a windows vpn. Or rather, how to use it once it's connected.
    My company has got vpn enabled on its microsoft network, and I can connect to it using kvpnc. Or at least it says it's connected. But where I'm stuck is how do I browse to my company's folders.
    say the web address is, and there is a server called mycompanyserver on my company's network.
    I can do this ok from my windows pc at home, I can just browse to \\mycompanyserver\mycompanyshare in windows explorer. But if I try to browse to smb://mycompanyserver/mycompanyshare in linux (when connected through kvpnc), then it doesn't like it. Anybody know the trick to doing this?

    I know it's not a problem with my smb client as I can browse to a share on my windows PC from my linux PC ok.

    (and don't say why don't I share the work folder from my windows pc to linux, because that would be too naff to even think about even if windows did let you do share out a network folder.)

    Any ideas?

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    Something I would think might be your problem is that your DNS settings are not getting updated after connecting to VPN.

    When you first logon to you computer run the command

    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    You should (or at least I do in my environment) see a reference to my ISP and three entries for "nameserver", or in other words a DNS server.

    After you connect to VPN run the command again. Do you see any new/changed entries? If not that could be your problem.

    How do you fix it? Not sure, but you might be able to get around it by getting your Office DNS settings and making a new resolv.conf (make a copy first, maybe name it resolv.conf.isp) file (name it something like resolv.conf.vpn) with the new settings and copying it over to the resolv.conf when you connect to vpn.

    Maybe some one else will have a better idea on how to get dns settings auto updated when connecting to VPN.

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