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    how to unmount USB Adapter ??


    Currently i am using Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter for my desktop pc. I have found out that when i plug out the adapter directly without unmount it, my fedora will hang.

    Can someone tell me how to unmount it ?

    Thank you.

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    Look up the name of the driver in the list that produces "lsmod" or "/sbin/lsmod".

    With the exact string of that name do an "rmmod drivername", or an "rmmod -f drivername".
    This command will fail as long as the driver is in use.

    First thing do cease working is to the Ethernet interface down. Do an "ifconfig ethx down" to stop this device.

    "ethx" can be anything else like "usb0" or like that. If you don't get any clue, what device from "ifconfig" to shut down, look at the first three bytes of the MAC addresses of every device and do an Internet search. Those first three bytes are a denominator of the manaufacturer, and at least one (hopefully you have only one Belkin device) should be correlated to Belkin.
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