Hi All,

This is my first post in these forums so first of all hi to everyone. I'm hoping my question has a simple answer, i'm looking to consolidate some of my server base, I have two servers which have now come to the top of the list for consolidation, one is now my main linux server and one is dedicated to running Squid, i'd like to consolidate the squid box into my main linux server. My issue is I have two net connections, my corporate traffic, site to site links, emails etc. travel down my leased line and my web traffic travels down a seperate ADSL circuit. I've configured my main linux box to run squid but try as I might I can't get the machine to accept the gateways per nic, first of all am I trying to achieve the impossible? and secondly if not can anyone offer any pointers as to how I can get it working.

Many Thanks in advance