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    Internet does not load pages completely or not at all

    I have searched the forums and have tried a few different things with no success. What I am running into is that on my Mandriva 2007, and Fedora Core 6 distributions my internet seems slow or will not load certain pages. For example on it will load just fine except for "" I tried loading this site by itself but it only errored out. On my Mac it however loaded and redirected me to another site. What it seems to me is that it is either the ipv6 which I have disabled or the DNS servers. I tried mannually configuring the DNS servers, but for some reason it seemed that it would not load anything afterwards. I am going through a LAN to a VPN firewall then to a modem. We have a T1 connection here so it is plenty fast.

    My machine is a Pentium 4, 3.0 ghz, 1 gb RAM

    Currently my machine is getting the DNS servers from my router via DHCP the DNS servers are and Thanks for the help in advance. This problem may have been solved in other forums and if you know of any I would be happy to know about them also.

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    I can imagine that it could also have to do with browser techniques.

    If your behind a crappy proxy or if the Web server on the other end does have problems, it depends on your browser to poll often enough to get the data downloaded.

    I have for example an older version 7.22 Opera browser that runs on FreeBSD.

    That browser gets often stuck on pages that download quite faster with another Mozilla browser. Often that opera browser gets stuck also on images only. Those images load very fast with wget, for example.

    Futher, I can imagine that Javascript incompatibilities or similar things could stop the browser from further downloading.

    I would first try different browsers or simple download programs like wget to get a better picture what is going on.
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    No Luck yet

    I have tried a different browser specifically 'Epiphany Web Browser' I received the same thing. I am not familiar with the other programs that you mentioned. I am also not aware of any specific proxies or anything. We are on a corporate LAN here with about 20 computers and the only ones that have troubles are my Linux boxes when connecting to certain sites.


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    The other program I mentioned is "wget". It downloads Web content but doesn't display it. Use is like "wget" and it'll download the "index.html" page.

    You can download every file with it, but easiest way for a beginner to check is downloading an image file.

    On a page that is only visible with Windows select the URL of an image file, write it down or pass it to the Linux PC and download that image with wget.

    If this works, it might be a browser problem.

    If this fails, try to get the IP adresses of the Web sites that fail with the program "nslookup", e.g.


    Non-authoritative answer:

    Check if there are some similarities among those IP addresses.

    You could also post the URLs of those Webpages that fail to see if other forum members can access them or not.

    Sometimes the Javascript in Web pages excludes particular browsers. With the Opera browser, I get sometimes problems that I can circumvent by adding the string "MSIE 6.0" into the browser identification. Opera has a simple short key for that: CTRL ALT I and reversing with CTRL ALT O.

    Occasionally, my daughter gets excluded from Web pages with Flash with the error message she would have the right version of Flash or Flash not have been installed at all what is wrong in both cases.
    Examining the HTML code I can sometimes overcome this hurdle but often not or it is too tedious.
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