Hello All,

I am a little blocked with something here .. (don't ask me wy)
Running Redhat 7.3

Can anyone try to answer this :

how long does an ip route stays in cache after removing it from the statical routing table while still having a SSH +x session running?

here is the full story
There is a server sending keepalives and other x- data via the SSH2 tunnel, the client has a static route towards this server which is on another IP range. Everything works fine..
In the route -ee table the route gets removed and he is using his default gateway to reach instead of the LAN, the internet...where he times out after a couple of hops..still the X-session does not react on this (yet) after a certain unidentified amount of time suddenly it snaps away.

My question is actually, how long does it take for my X to snap away from the moment that the route has been removed from the routing table?

thank you very very very much, if you could help me out.