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Thread: software router

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    Smile software router

    Hello!! I am a newbie in using Linux. I do have a question I was been able to create a web server I wanted to connect this server to a linksys router so that the other 3 pc and 2 wireless laptop can access the internet.

    pc server
    TYAN UNIT = AMD Opteron 64 bit
    apache webserver
    redhat enterprise as
    with 2 lan port eth0 - connected to dsl eth1 connected to router (linksys router wrt54gc with 4 lan port)

    I already tried searching on the net but i wanted a specific step by step procedure.

    Thanks in advance

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    I reckon there are two possibilities.

    Configuring your Web server, i.e. the box already connected to the Internet, as a router, or simply buying one.

    I guess simply buying one is less a hassle and maybe a more practical solution.
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    There is one important point to keep in mind: If you enable your box to become a router for the clients (which should'nt be a big deal, just configure your box to enable forwarding) you also should protect your clients with a FW!
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