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    Continuous DNS Pinging

    Hi guys & gals

    Here is the situation. We have just set up a network using DHCP.

    We have a web server (fedora) that is running in the DMZ. This is accessibe and functioning fine... except... it keeps pinging the DNS.

    Any ideas why this is?


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    Is there a ping process running? You might want to check lsof for something sketch. How often is it pinging?

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    Thanks for the reply

    What is Isof (Sorry)?

    There are no ping commands running in the command interface, and no other reason why they should be running anywhere else.

    It pings the DNS about every 10 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthuseless
    What is Isof (Sorry)?
    lsof - list open files

    a command line program, maybe you have to be root to called it.

    man lsof
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthuseless
    ... it keeps pinging the DNS.
    Do you mean it is sending an ICMP echo request just like the ping command does, but no one is running ping? How do you know? Are you using WireShark or tcpdump or something similar?

    Are you sure it's the server that is doing the pinging? Note that if the server is doing NAT translation, the pings will have the same IP address on the external interface regardless of which computer is doing it.

    Is it pinging the IP addresses in /etc/resolv.conf? If you rearrange them, does the pinging destination change?

    Is the DNS server happily answering?

    I'm just asking some questions to draw out information. I may not know the solution, but with more information others are more likely to jump in.

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