Hi all!

After upgrading my system to FC2, I was finally able to get my networking up and running using a 3Com 3c589c PCMCIA card, which worked very well, until recently....

After a day or so, the network connection stopped working giving the following error:

"Cannot activate network device eth0!

3c589_cs device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization."

In order to get network connectivity, I have to delete the settings for my ethernet card in Network Device Control, then reboot and let FC2 see the hardware. When I do this, I am able to connect to the Internet by running the Internet Connection Setup and putting all the settings in and voila! I have Internet access again.

Now here's the weird part....

If I reboot the system, I get the error as stated in my last post and eth0 is not found.

If anyone has any ideas why FC2 would not be retaining these settings, please let me know.