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Thread: DNS Issues

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    DNS Issues


    I seem to have trouble pinging servers on the internal network as well as the internet using hostnames.

    So if I ping a server "webern" on the local network, I get back:
    ping: unknown host webern

    But if I ping by IP, It pings ok.

    I can't remeber where I set the DNS settings....I've been outta the linux world for a while...

    Thanks In Advanced!

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    there is one file called in /etc/resolv.conf. If it is not there then you have to create one.
    once you do "vi resolv.conf" then you have to enter following info.


    above two nameserver are DNS server that worked for me. Otherwise your internet provider has their own DNS information.

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    Done that.

    Now I can ping google and other internet sites using names

    By I still cannot ping local servers or workstations.

    My resolv.conf file:
    nameserver #Domain AD,DNS,DHCP Server
    nameserver #Internet DNS's

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