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Thread: FTP connection

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    FTP connection

    I am running a dual boot system (slackware 9.1 & win xp) I have errors when connecting to a FTP server from the linux side only. My connection from windows is fine. I have tried many different ftp clients, with no success.
    I can connect, log in, change directories but not list, get or put any files. When I try to list get or put I get the same error message :

    500 Illegal PORT command
    ftp: bind: Address already in use

    I was thinking it was a firewall problem, but I have tried allowing all ports from all destinations and that didn't help. The one thing I do know is that the ftp server doesn't accept passive connections. I am at a loss here I would love to get this resolved so I can finally remove windows all together from this machine.

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    Have you tried to enable/diable passive mode? My server says it doesn't allow passive connections either, but I enabled anyway and it started working. Go figure?

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