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    Suse 9.1/WinXP network, comp won't recognize IP

    I started posting some of my problems in the Suse 9.1/DSL topic, but I figured it should get its own.

    My husband and I built a new computer Friday and installed Suse 9.1. It is the only OS on the comp. The installation went fine, but the comp cannot connect to the network. On the first install it started downloading the latest updates but the connection crapped out. We've been unable to get the linux computer onto the network or onto the internet.

    We have an HP desktop and an HP laptop, both running Win XP, on the home network connected through a d-link router and a cable modem. We've tried connecting the linux comp to the router--the router can read the linux computer and tried to assign it an IP address, but the computer won't accept it. We plugged the comp directly into the modem and got nothing.

    The linux comp has built-in ethernet on the motherboard, but we also tried installing a card that we knew worked. We've also tried a few different ethernet cables (that we knew worked) and also nothing.

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    Do you have the Suse box set up to accept an assigned IP? You say it won't accept the IP, what's the error it give you?

    If you set the IP on the suse computer, say to something like, can you ping it from the windows network?

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    Hmmm. Last night I was able to get the linux computer to keep the IP assigned by the router, how I have no idea. The router's showing "linuxbox" in the list, but the computer is still not connecting to the network or the internet.

    From the linux comp I was able to ping "localhost" but not "linuxbox" or the IP address. The WinXP laptop could not ping the IP for linuxbox.

    I've seen a few Q&A's on the board about setting up the samba client to network with windows, but when I try to browse the network, nothing shows up on the list. I entered the network name manually, but also no go.

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    First and formost you need to be able to ping both boxes from each other. You won't get any where without that. I'm not too up on Suse, but I can try with some basics.
    1. Do you have a firewall? Disable it until you get things running
    1.5 You can ping the IP but not the server name?
    2. Is DNS set up? Once you can ping by IP, the next step is name server
    3. Is there an option to not only allow the server to assign the IP, but also the hostname?

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    1. Firewall disabled when trying to set up the connections.

    1.5 The WinXP laptop cannot find "linuxbox" and timed out when trying to ping the IP address. The linux comp can ping "localhost" but says "network unreachable" when trying to ping "linuxbox" or the IP addresses of the laptop, desktop, and router.

    2. DNS is set up. It's grabbing the info from the router... however, the router control panel doesn't list the linux comp now. Weird.

    3. The options for changing the host name via DHCP and updating the name servers and search list via DHCP are both checked.

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    Please Reconfirm whether the Windows BOX and Linux BOX are having the SAME subnet MASK?

    They should be in same subnet to be recognised in LAN
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    Wath dns you talking

    Hi there,

    Maybe the dns server you're talking about is the builtin dns ralay agent of your router, is it!?

    That, normaly is only a cache container of resolved addresses and might no resolv your's local ip's.

    First of all you must ping all the network host, forget for now the name resolution, cause in Windows you get that by Wins or so, and at linux you need to get some other things running first.

    See if the DHCP server is assigning all the correct info information to your local hosts like ip address in the correct sbnet, if there is a correct range of ip set, and if the default gateway ip address are correct.

    Those are the basiscs, then you need to get smbd and nmbd running and nice configured.

    P.S. : Dont look at my terrible english plz, I'm from Portugal and just want to donate help and get help too. Thanks

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    They have the same subnet.

    It's showing up in the router control panel under "Dynamic DHCP Client List". Cannot ping it from the winxp laptop and the linuxbox connot ping the router or the laptop, and it can't get on the internet.

    linuxbox is getting all the right info from the router. I deleted the info that was there and made sure all the "get info from router" options were checked and it does get all the correct info.

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    try resetting your router. this has helped me through many networking problems

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    network problem

    I have same problem.But I can ping linux box from my winxp box. Unable to ping win xp box from linux box.I see Same subnet mask on both systems.I have Suse 9.0.

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