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    Opening up Netatalk files to the public ...

    Didn't get any nibbles on this one in the servers area, so thought I'd try and post here for any ideas:

    Hi everyone:

    Another one of those unique and "very special" questions that only I can come up with! Here's the scenario:

    -File server, running Debian Linux v3.0
    -Server runs Samba for PC sharing.
    -Server runs Netatalk for Mac sharing.

    We would like to allow access to the Mac shared directories from outside. So, we called up our ISP, and they created a forwarding address for us in our router, so that a publically routable IP address is mapped to our server.

    Once they made the change, I went to a Mac computer running on OSX. I went to the GO menu, and chose connect to server. I typed in the public IP address given to me, and of course, nothing happened.

    I did verify that Netatalk is running the afpd daemon on the file server, and it is. I also tried futzing around with the -ipaddr and -port switches that work within the afpd.conf file, but I couldn't make it "happy".

    Would anyone have any ideas as to what I need to do in order to access the files from off-site? We had an old Mac server, and it worked on it, so I know it's possible ... just not sure what we need to do to make this work.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Before beginning with my comment, I'd like to just say that I know nothing whatsoever wbout Netatalk and how it works. But it's mentioned here in the same breath as Samba, so I'll make assumptions.

    Personally, I'd be very wary about opening any protocol across the internet for whatever reason, e.g. SMB, VNC, etc., they all need securing. If it were me trying to do this, I'd set the external connection with SSH with public/private keys using rsa2 only and forward any other protocol across the secured link.
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